In 2006, I moved to Mountain View. At the time I did not have internet access in my apartment. I did not own a GPS. After I had settled in to my new apartment I drove around the neighborhood. Since I did not have google maps or a GPS, I did not want to drive far from where I lived because I did not want to get lost. I drove down the road where I lived and at the end of the road was a Chinese Church. I turned around and headed the other direction. At the end of that path was Canaan Taiwanese Church.

Ever since high school, I've been search for the truth. What is the truth? In one movie they call it the "matrix". What is the matrix? Unfortunately, no one can be told what the matrix is; you have to see it for yourself said Morpheus. The same logic applies to our world. No one can persuade you into believing God. You must open your heart to be enlightened by God. I believe it was Gods lead that I found Canaan Church. It was also God's timing that I had the right knowledge, logic, and heart to accept him.

One year had passed since my first visit to Canaan Church and a serious of events happened which started me to build a relationship with God. Six months later I got baptized. I need to stress the word "relationship" when I mentioned building a relationship with God. Many non-Christian and even some Catholics defined Christians as one that participates and practices the religion of Christianity. The definition is inaccurate. The definition of a true Christian is one that accespts Jesus Christ as his/her Lord, and has a constant relationship with God.

content last updated: 12/06/2012