In 2001, my first year in collage I took a PE class. The subject was Wing Chun martial arts. Through the class I met my 師父(shi-fu) teacher. To most people martial arts is just learning to throw punches and flying spin kicks. If your learning from Master Chan from downtown main street, that might be all your learning. To me it means a lot more. Being able to physically fight is only one part of the martial arts that I practice and learn.

Physical health

Practicing Wing Chun is an exercise like any other sport, but its more. Wing Chun stress the balance of your body. During the warm up or body maintenance, there is focus on building mussel , stretching, and endurance. If your going out to play basketball, tennis or soccer, the tension is mostly only focus on certain parts of your body. Wing Chun focus on all your body attributes from neck to toe.


The basics of Wing Chun comes from science of Ying Yang and the five elements. I must stress out the word science because many have ask me how I can be a Christian and still believe in the Ying Yang. Though many religions like daoism have used Ying Yang as part of their religious symbol, the Ying Yang is not a religion. The Ying Yang is a scientific term like gravity or air. Allow me to demonstrate. If you have two magnet sticks of the opposite sides close to each other they will stick. If you have two magnet sticks of the same side they will push each other away. That is the way Ying and Yang works. Nothing happens when you get two Yings. Two Yangs will force each other going oppoisite directions. A Ying plus a Yang will bond together. The five elements contains Tiger, Leopard, Dragon, Crane, and Snake. Each person belongs to an element. The element is a categorization of who you are. It's not based on your birth day or blood time. It's the way you think, focus attention, handle situations and much more. Depending on our element, we are trained differently. I am the leopard element and since I received my training in Chico, this is where the name of this website came from.

content last updated: 2/1/2008